For some, asking for money is far more daunting than riding 200 miles. For others, fundraising is practically second nature. Regardless, raising money for our beneficiaries is the primary focus of the AV200. Without our riders and the donations they secure, our partners could not make the significant impact they're making in stopping HIV/AIDS!

We understand asking friends, family and associates for money may put you out of your comfort zone. But consider the 35 million people affected by HIV/AIDS. Think of the daily challenge this disease presents for them. When you look at the challenges the Ride's "ask" and "task" present, they pale in comparison to the struggle most face when living with HIV/AIDS.

So that we can make as large an impact as possible, all riders must raise a minimum of $500 to participate in the AV200.  Not to worry, few, if any, serious participants have failed to meet this minimum!

To make you as successful as possible in your fundraising efforts, we've provided some useful information below. And, between the time you register and the Ride, the AV200 Steering Committee will offer personalized help for any rider needing a bit more confidence asking for support!