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AIDS Vaccine 200 AV200 Cyclists Pre-Ride 2017


The deadline to register for the AV200 is 6pm, Friday, May 18th at Rider Check-In – Emory University.

There are flexible options for riding the AV200. All riders have the option of riding a two-day, 160-mile route or riding the full 200-mile route. 

Riders can ride as individuals, create a team, or join an established team. Team participation is a fun way to promote the ride and raise funds. You can join a team or form a team at any time. Forming a relay group is another option for those that would prefer to ride portions of the route.

The registration fee for all two-day rides is $75 through December 31, 2017. That fee will increase to $100 on January 1, 2018.  So, register early to take advantage of the savings!

Individual Rider

Two-day individual riders agree to ride the 160-mile or 200-mile route.  In addition, you can form a team or join an existing team. There is a $500 fundraising minimum for individual riders.

Relay Rider

Relay riders are groups of two or more people who decide to split up the mileage. You can split up the ride any way you like. For instance, you and a friend can agree to split up the ride 50/50 each day. You could ride the first 50 miles while your friend drives your car, and then after 50 miles you could switch. Or relay riders can “leap frog” from pit stop to pit stop. In addition, relay riders can be members of teams independent of the relay group. There is a $350 fundraising minimum for each relay rider.

Note: Relay riders must provide their own transportation for alternate riders. SAG support will be provided in emergency situations, however.




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