Volunteer on the Crew

The AV200 is much more than just a bike ride or cycling event. In addition to the cyclists who train, fund raise and gear up to ride, there are dozens of friends, family members and supporters who lend invaluable behind-the-scenes support. People of diverse talents and backgrounds find their place contributing to this incredible community!

We've created several Crew opportunities, understanding that different people are able to offer differing levels of support. We encourage all volunteers to spend the night at Rock Eagle if possible. It is a truly special part of the Ride weekend.

Please check the Crew Teams below for areas of interest or expertise:

  • WAYFINDING – AV200 riders rely on the efforts of the wayfinding team to place directional arrows, signs, and pavement markings along both the outbound and inbound routes. Access to a vehicle (preferably an SUV or a pickup truck) with space for signs and stands for 2 or 3 sections of the route is suggested. Wayfinding is completed on Friday prior to the Ride. The entire route is usually marked in about 5 hours.
  • SAG (Support and Gear) – The safety of the cyclists is squarely in the hands of this team of mobile stormtroopers. A vehicle with a bike rack (or a truck or SUV) is required. This team is responsible for patrolling the route and making sure riders are safe. This could include picking up broken-down cyclists, calling for the medical team (in the case of an injury) or reporting back to the ride directors about any dangerous situations that may arise. Takes place all day Saturday and/or Sunday.
  • DISTRIBUTION – At its core, the Ride is a rolling logistics ballet requiring precise execution. All tables, chairs, food, ice, water, and supplies have to be delivered to the pit stops — on time and in good condition. Supplies are palettized the day prior to the ride and re-stowed once the ride is over. Each morning, a 24-foot panel truck and two or three volunteers depart to drop off supplies to each of the pit stops. Then, in a second truck, two or three more volunteers follow the last rider to gather all the supplies from the pit stops. This small, but effective, behind-the-scenes team is essential to our success!
  • ROCK EAGLE TEAM – This team has been called the Concierge Club and for good reason: they are responsible for delivering the cyclists’ luggage via truck to Rock Eagle and then placing it in each rider’s assigned cabin. Additionally, they bring all supplies needed to prepare the facility for bicycle storage and, most importantly, the arrival of the riders on Saturday afternoon/evening. The Rock Eagle Team helps cheer on the cyclists upon the completion of their Day 1 ride.
  • LOADING DOCK AND STAGING – We begin prepping for the AV200 approximately one week before the bicycle ride. The staging of all food and supplies takes place at Emory West Campus (the old psych hospital). The work requires a couple of hours on Thursday night and much of the day on Friday. This team attracts the super-organized, the Can Dos and Problem Solvers Extraordinaire!

    Members of L5Flyers Cycling Team provide moral and mechanical support at the Rutledge Pit Stop

    Members of L5Flyers Cycling Team provide mechanical support at the Rutledge Pit Stop.

  • PIT STOPS – Along with the SAG Team, the Pit Stop crews are a crucial part of the direct care staff. Pit stops are the rest stops along the 100 mile route. Riders will use the restroom, eat, drink and complete a bicycle check before heading out on the next leg of the route. On average, cyclists spend approximately 10 minutes at each stop. These teams are normally community groups or company-sponsored teams of around 10-15 people. Teams arrive at their designated pit stop at least 45 minutes ahead of opening time and will need to pack up and clean their site before leaving. The Rider Tracking team will let you know when you can close up for the day.
  • RIDER TRACKING – One pit stop team member is assigned to check-off each rider on a clipboard as they stop by each pit stop. This not only enables operations to know that no rider is lost or potentially hurt, but also enables the upstream pit stop to know who they should be expecting or not expecting.
  • MASS UP – On Sunday, all of the riders arrive at the 7th Pit Stop and gather until the “Grand Ride” back to Emory. The Mass Up team keeps all bikes secure and entertains the cyclists over a span of 2-3 hours. The police-led parade leaves promptly at 4:30pm, then the team breaks down and cleans the site.
  • SPONSOR SUPPORT – While all of the above teams are working to operate the ride, the Sponsor Support Team takes photos of the ride and tries to capture images that the AV200 can use as thank-you mementos or social media material for sponsors to use to promote their support of the AV200. In addition, this team helps make sure that sponsor signage is in place and maintained along the route and at the pit stops.
  • MEDICAL TEAM – Finally, but hardly an afterthought, the Medical Team is responsible for treating acute health issues that arise among cyclists and volunteers along the route during both days of the event. Potential ailments include sunburn, dehydration, insect stings, cramping and discouragement! Ideally, this team is staffed by medical professionals, e.g. nurses, doctors, PAs or physical therapists. EMT’s are also excellent team members. This team can be broken up into many configurations, and your shift can be tailored to your hospital schedule if necessary.

MOST IMPORTANT: Riders pay a registration fee which covers their lodging and meals at Rock Eagle. Overnight volunteers staying at Rock Eagle will need to register as such on the AV200 website to reserve their space at Rock Eagle.

Click on the link below to register as a Join the Crew. As cyclists and volunteers both use the same system to register, some of the questions may not apply to you.

Join us and support the cyclists on the role of your choice. Fill out this VOLUNTEER SURVEY to indicate when you are available and what role(s) you’d want to try. You can also forward the survey link to friends if you want to bring buddies along. If you have questions about volunteering for the above subcommittees, please send an email to info@av200.org.

Thanks for your interest in volunteering for the AV200!