Branding Questionnaire

  • This form is meant to guide you through a basic branding / strategic thinking process and tell the story of your non-profit's mission. The process will help your development and design team build the perfect site for you, so please take your time and work through this form thoroughly.

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  • Branding is a vital conversation. The essence of the question of brand is, “What is your message?” In the interest of making the dialog about your company as rich as possible, it is important to understand your brand and how it resonates with your audience.

    This is what we need to discover through the following questions.
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  • Corporate Identity

  • The mission of ACA is to raise awareness and funding for HIV/AIDS vaccine research that will one day eradicate the disease AND to AIDS service organizations that educate the public on HIV/AIDS related issues, work to improve the lives of those affected by the disease and work to reduce the spread of the disease. This mission is achieved by inspiring our community to work towards a world where HIV/AIDS is part of the human history and not part of its future, using friendship, respect and sportsmanship, to accomplish our goals.
  • P.O. Box 8363 Atlanta, GA 31106
  • Company Mission

    As you answer each of the following questions, you may notice they seem very similar to each other. The purpose of this is to refine the process of determining your unique and specific brand.
  • Action Cycling Atlanta is a non-profit corporation organized to promote philanthropy and fitness through cycling and other athletic pursuits
  • Action Cycling Atlanta programs two primary events along with social outings throughout the year to raise funds and awareness for an HIV/AIDS vaccine and to provide services to those wrestling with the disease. Those events are the AIDS Vaccine 200, a 2-day, 200 mile bike ride in May and Field Day, a grown-up version of the most awesome school event from your childhood (3-legged races, hula-hoops, tug-of-war, dizzy lizzy, etc.).
  • Action Cycling Atlanta raises awareness and funds for HIV/AIDS research and for AIDS service organizations in metro Atlanta. We do this by programming 2 main events - the AV200, a 2 day, 200 mile bike ride and Field Day - an adult version of fun schoolyard games. At these events, individuals raise $$ for our beneficiaries.
  • Action Cycling Atlanta raises $$ for HIV/AIDS research and to support AIDS service organizations in Atlanta via fun athletic purssits in metro Atlanta.
  • Raise funds for HIV/AIDS vaccine.
  • In 2002, a group of Atlanta men (Atlanta Guys Cycling) participated in the Pallotta Amsterdam to Paris AIDS LifeCycle ride. They raised money for AIDS research, and had an awesome time participating in a cycling event for charity! However, the team was discouraged after the ride to find out how little of their fundraising went to AIDS research beneficiaries because of the overhead costs of the company operating the ride. So a group of riders founded the AIDS Vaccine 200 Bike Ride in 2003 with the promise that their ride would be funded by corporate and individual sponsors. 100% of all money raised by riders would go to AIDS beneficiaries. This promise has been maintained for all 16 years of the ride’s history.
  • The organization was founded based on a passionate group of cyclists who wanted to take action and be a solution in finding a vaccine/cure for HIV/AIDS after losing too many loved ones to the disease.
  • We want to be perceived as a fun and passionate group of people committed to making an impact in their community via athletic pursuits. Not only do we raise awareness and $$ for HIV/AIDS research, but lifelong relationships have been made through our events.
  • cycling, athletics, HIV, AIDS, bicycles, friendships, charity
  • Why: A brand is perceived by consumers like a person. You trust them, you communicate with them through advertising and purchase, you get disappointed by them, etc. The identity you're designing is the face of that person.

    Once you've answered the question, then list what attributes match those of your brand.
  • A falcon - we are Atlanta born and bred and fiercely dedicated to finding a vaccine/cure for HIV/AIDS.
  • The AIDS Lifecycle in California has become the gold standard for raising $ for HIV/AIDS via cycling. It is a 7-day, 545 mile event every June.
  • We want to be seen as a growing, vibrant organization that is truly making a difference in our community and helping find a cure for HIV/AIDS. We want to get more people to participate in our events and raise more $$. For our cycling event, we also want people to be more accessible to people who are intimidated by a 2-day, 200 mile ride as there are shorter options, relay options, etc. so people don't have to be in shape to ride all 200 miles to participate. Field Day offers people of all skill levels a fun way to get involved.
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  • Company Point of Contact

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