AV200 Rider Profile: Debra Snell


1. Why do you ride?

I ride with the AV200 because I am making a contribution to the effort to end AIDS, and I also get a personal benefit from training and working together with a first class group of people.          

2. What is your best memory of a past AV200 ride?

A serious memory: The candlelight vigil from 2016; that event underscored why we ride. A frivolous memory: Modeling panty hose and sitting in Gary Schafer’s lap in the Rock Eagle cabin.

3. Tell us about 1 lasting friendship or relationship that you’ve made on the ride and give us a little detail about the relationship (platonic or romantic)?

Gary Schafer and Terry Hopper were my first two guys I bonded with; we spent a lot of time together training and now we are buds.

4. Do you know of anyone else who isn’t on the board that has a great story to share about the ride or training for it (romance, weight loss, overcoming fear on the bike, dedicating the ride to someone, etc.)? If so, can you provide me with their contact info?

Brett Rabenack stands out to me. Brett was a new rider in 2016; when we first met on a January training ride to Stone Mountain, she told me she was afraid to make a turn on the bike. She participated in almost every training ride, asked questions about cycling and gear and became a strong rider in her first AV200.