AV200 Rider Profile: Matt Simar


1. Why do you ride?

I ride to honor the memory of my beautiful cousin, Michael, whose life was taken by HIV/AIDS before meds were developed and the virus and syndrome had proper names. I ride for the tens of millions we’ve lost. I ride for the countless millions we will save from HIV once our vaccine is created. 

2. What is your best memory of a past AV200 ride?

The candle lighting ceremony at Rock Eagle is my most profound memory from the 2016 AV200. Memorializing our “Why We Ride” effort in a brief and solemn ‘service,’ is something I will not forget.

3. Tell us about 1 lasting friendship or relationship that you’ve made on the ride and give us a little detail about the relationship (platonic or romantic)?

My AV200 spouse, Rita Wüebbeler, is a treasure — my treasure. So keep your hands off!

4. Do you know of anyone else who isn’t on the board that has a great story to share about the ride or training for it (romance, weight loss, overcoming fear on the bike, dedicating the ride to someone, etc.)? If so, can you provide me with their contact info?

I would like to hear Brett Rabeneck’s story. I think it’s important to dispel the notion that AV200 riders need to be über-talented cyclists. Brett has become incredibly talented on the bike, but that’s not how she came to the AV200.