The AIDS Vaccine 200 is a charity bike ride across Georgia produced by Action Cycling Atlanta to benefit Emory Vaccine Center.






Action Cycling Atlanta (ACA), the producers of AIDS Vaccine 200, is an all volunteer run organization.  Going into our fourteenth year, ACA has raised more than $2.2 million for AIDS vaccine research.  ACA has donated 100% of all money raised by participants to its beneficiaries. The mission of Action Cycling Atlanta is to raise awareness and funding for HIV/AIDS vaccine research that will one day eradicate the disease.

To achieve this mission, ACA produces AIDS Vaccine 200 (AV200). The AV200 is Atlanta’s only double century (200 miles over two days) bike ride designed to challenge individuals and teams, while inspiring our community to work towards a world where HIV/AIDS is part of the human history and not part of its future. Using friendship, respect and sportsmanship, the AV200 creates a spirit of hope that shows what can be accomplished when we strive for a common purpose and support each other in doing so.

 200 mile, 160 mile, and RELAY options available

  • THE JOURNEY: On two days in May, you can be among a group of cyclists and volunteers who are challenging themselves and changing the world. The AIDS Vaccine 200 begins on the beautiful Emory University campus in Atlanta and winds through scenic Georgia countryside to arrive at Rock Eagle 4-H Center in the Oconee National Forest. Along the way you will have the opportunity to make new friends and see parts of Georgia in ways that you have never seen it before… from a bike! At the same time you will be raising much needed money for Emory Vaccine Center, which is at the forefront of AIDS vaccine research.
  • THE CHALLENGE: Completing back-to-back centuries (200 miles) is a very rewarding endeavor. Building public awareness for HIV/AIDS is challenging. Raising money for an AIDS Vaccine is difficult. Making the commitment to accept these challenges is a serious one.
  • THE REWARD: The decision, the commitment, the training, the sweat, the pain, the accomplishment of your dream, the knowledge that YOU have made a significant contribution through your individual efforts that make a difference in the world is a sense of exhilaration that have made grown people weep with joy at the end of the ride. What you accomplish will be felt around the world!