Indoor Training


Beautiful scenery, the rush from a fast downhill, and the feeling of pride after climbing a big hill or monster mountain are just a few reasons why we like bicycle riding.  Unfortunately, inclement weather, shorter days, and time constraints sometimes keep us from riding outside.  Bicycle trainers and cycling classes, however, are a great way to overcome these challenges.  Additionally, indoor training is beneficial as it allows AIDS Vaccine 200 (AV200) riders to:

  • concentrate on form;
  • improve technique;
  • boost cardiovascular fitness and endurance;
  • listen to music (which should absolutely NOT be done on the road); and
  • stay on track of the weekly training targets.

As the AIDS Vaccine 200 (AV200) takes place the third weekend in May, we suggest that riders begin training in January.  Of course, most of the country is really cold during the winter months (even here in Georgia).  So, if frozen fingers and toes are not your idea of a good time, we understand.  Nevertheless, to successfully complete the AV200 in the spring, you must train through the winter.

To help you with your winter training, the AV200 training sub-committee organized indoor cycling classes at Exhale Midtown Atlanta.  To view the indoor training schedule, click on the calendar.

If you are unable to attend one of these classes, then take a virtual class.  Head to the gym or get on your trainer with you smart phone and watch one of the indoor training videos below produced by Global Cycling Network (GCN).  GCN indoor training videos will provide the motivation you need to complete a workout that you might not have otherwise done.

Whatever you decide, remember this:  The folks who donate to your fundraising efforts do so because they want to support our beneficiaries.  Moreover, they are inspired to give because of your commitment and dedication to ride the 30, 62, or 200 miles for AIDS Vaccine research.  So, don’t let them or yourself down.  Please take your training seriously.

20 Minute High Intensity Indoor Cycling Workout

45 Minute Cycle Training Workout – Sprint Training

HIIT – 35 Minute Cycle Training Workout – Hill Training