Training Log for Double Century Riders


One of the most challenging parts of the AIDS Vaccine 200 ride is the amount of time spent in the saddle. Unfortunately, the only way to overcome this challenge is to spend time on your bike.  Gradual increments of time and distance are the best way to help improve comfort and endurance. The below AV200 training log will help in the process. By breaking the training into shorter distances, you will become more comfortable in the saddle and on the road for longer periods of time.

NOTE: Indoor trainers and cycling classes are great when time, convenience, and inclement weather are an issue; however, they are not an equal substitution for riding outside. Outdoor riding engages additional muscles and helps riders develop bike handling skills that are essential to safer riding.

Accountability will keep you honest.  Let others know about your training.  Join our AIDS Vaccine 200 club on Strava.  It is a great way to track your progress and receive encouragement from other AV200 cyclists.  To join, click on the following link:   AV200 Strava Club